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Who We Are

1870 Bath Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11214

Gold Coast is a Family Owned Appliance Business, proudly serving generations of the Long Island and New York Metropolitan Community.

We began in Great Neck New York in 1971 and moved to our current location, in Greenvale, in 1987.

For more than forty (40) years we have prided ourselves on our knowledgeable factory trained staff, our skilled installation crew and our reliable delivery team.

As a small neighborhood business, we have a reputation for treating our clients as individuals & friends. Although small in size, of staff comprises more than one hundred years of knowledge and experience - the better to be able to assist you in turning your (or your client's) dreams into reality.

Our Clients range from Homeowners, Architects, Designers, Contractors, Real Estate Agents and Builders to Landlords and Management Companies.

We offer products for every taste and budget - from a replacement Wall Oven that requires a skilled eye and hand installing it (to keep an old kitchen looking new) to an entire new house becoming a Very Special Home.

We realize that each home should reflect its resident's tastes and needs.

Please come and visit our Showroom at 1870 Bath Ave in Brooklyn, NY, or email us at