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Broan Products
Broan 41F 41F Replacement Non-Ducted Filter
Model #: 41F
This is a Microtek High Efficiency Charcoal filter for Broan Range Hoods.These filters are the most popular and commonly used, and are available in consumer-friendly packs. Broan filters are made from the highest quality ...

Faber Products
Faber FILTER1LL Long Lasting Washable Charcoal Kit (Last up to 4 Years)
Model #: FILTER1LL

Long Lasting Washable Charcoal Kit (Last up to 4 Years)

Zephyr Products
Zephyr 0AK1120001 0AK1120001 Carbon Filters 2-Pack
Model #: 0AK1120001
For all Breeze I & II models.

MFG SKU: OAK11-20001

Zephyr Products
Zephyr ZRC00SI ZRC-00SI Recirculating Kit with Charcoal Filters
Model #: ZRC00SI

ZRC-00SI is a recirculating kit with charcoal filters. It converts Zephyr's Siena series  range hoods into a recirculating unit.

Summit Products
Summit SEHCFISL SEHCFISL Set of 2 Carbon Filters for European Wall and Island Range Hood Ducted to Ductless or Recirculating Mode

SEHCFISL Set of 2 carbon filters for european wall and island range hood ducted to ductless or recirculating mode

Summit Products
Summit SEHCF SEHCF Activated Charcoal Filter to Convert Hood to Recirculating Mode
Model #: SEHCF
This is a carbon filter that allows you to convert any SEH series range hood from ducted to ductless (recirculating) mode. Charcoal/Carbon filters are needed only when used in recirculating mode and normally last 3 to ...

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