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Accessories for Air Conditioners

GE Products
GE RAD4A1 RAD4A1 Internal/External Air Conditioner Drain Kit
Model #: RAD4A1

The RAD4A1 room air conditioner drain kit accessory.

GE Products
GE RAG14E RAG14E Architectural Louvered Exterior Grille for "J" Series
Model #: RAG14E
Extruded aluminum grille for application with RAB46, 47 or 48.NOTE: The RAG14E exterior grille is NOT compatible with the RAD4A1 EXTERNAL drain tube. Use of this grille would require the use of the INTERNAL TUBE configur ...

GE Products
GE RAK4002A RAK4002A Zoneline Direct Connect Junction Box in Silver
Model #: RAK4002A

The RAK4002A Zoneline Direct Connect Junction Box in Silver.

Amana Products
Amana ACRK01A Retrofitting Kit for Existing Amana Wall Sleeves
Model #: ACRK01A
This Amana AGK01WB 42" Exterior Louvered Aluminum Grille is an aluminum exterior rear grille made by Amana. Made with anodized Aluminum finish, this white grille snaps back onto the back of any Amana wall ...

Friedrich Products
Friedrich BAK BAK Baffle Adapter Kit
Model #: BAK
The BAK is necessary when installing in a sleeve deeper than 16 3/4" deep (such as the Fedders B sleeve which is 19 3/4" deep).

Amana Products
Amana DGK1B DGK1B Condenser Baffle Kit, Includes 2 air-deflection baffles
Model #: DGK1B
For use on non-baffled grilles. Includes 2 air-deflection baffles that can be mounted on the condenser coil to direct air toward the center and away from the inlet. This prevents the recirculation of hot condenser air, m ...

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